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A Marketplace for sports

Fullcourt connects players with sports Venues around the world. The sports community is driven by Court Owners, who provide their players with the amazing opportunity to play and compete in their favorite sports.

Reach a world of players

If you are an Owner of a basketball court, football field or even a State-of-the-art sports Stadium, you can maximize your earnings by renting it to any player in Fullcourt’s worldwide community. You have a complete freedom over what you charge and when you rent out.

The complete toolkit

No matter what kind of court or Venue you have, Fullcourt provides you with powerful tools to manage, promote and grow your business. Spend less time managing your court and more time to welcome in players.

Your managers will love it

Save time and effort. It’s the simplest way to manage a Venue, and your team will have the most flexible experience dealing with bookings.

Reservation management

Automate your everyday processes by using tools specificaly designed around your industry. Reservation life cycle starts from a simple inquiry, but it gets complicated realy fast when you are dealing with hundreds of reservations. Inquiries, Confirmations, Reschedule requests and Cancellations, we keep track of all of this.


Measure your Venues performance and get unique insights with data you won’t find anywhere else. See how many players ar viewing your court and how it converts to reservations, track your occupancy and much more.

Online payments

Take payments online seamlessly. Once you confirm the booking, we will capture the correct amount for you. Your earnings are available in a weeks time after the reservation is finished.

How it works


List your court for free

Rent out any court without sign-up charges, from a backyard basketball court to a football stadium and everything in-between.


Manage your court

Take control of your own schedule, prices, and Venue rules. Reach out to FullCourt support anytime you need a hand.


Welcome in your first team

Once your listing is live, Players can start to Book your available courts. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.


Receive Payouts

Accepting payments has never been easier. Move offline payments online with scheduled, automatic payouts.

Be an owner

We give you the right tools, you manage the venue

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